The Glunt Funeral Home, Inc., as it is known today started in August of 1960 when Harry A. and Ivaleen Glunt purchased the B.C.Kiehl Funeral Home in Edinboro, PA. Bert Kiehl was the first funeral director at the 210 Erie Street location from 1935 to 1960.

Ivaleen Glunt was the only Funeral Director in Edinboro until her son Harry D. Glunt earned his Funeral Director's license in 1965 and joined the staff, following his grandfather and mother's footsteps. In 1976 Harry D. Glunt purchased the funeral home from his parents and became the owner of the Harry D. Glunt Funeral Home. In 1995 the funeral home was incorporated as the Glunt Funeral Home, Inc. with Harry D. Glunt, as the president and supervisor.

On September 25, 1999 Harry D. Glunt and 6 other independent funeral directors formed the "Independent Care Group, Inc." The group has expanded to 10 members made up of colleagues who have helped each other in the past and also share a similar philosophy. The purpose of the group is to control cost by joint purchasing and marketing, and combining efforts for prearranging funerals.

Joining our staff in 2002, as a licensed Funeral Director was my son David T. Glunt the 4th generation Funeral Director in the Glunt Family. In August of 2005 David was named the new supervisor of the Glunt Funeral Home Inc.

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210 Erie St.
Edinboro, PA 16412


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